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The Blunted Edge

Guild Charter and Rules of Conduct


The Blunted Edge is a Windrunner guild for the World of Warcraft.  We are a social guild of friends and family.  We are committed to remaining a family friendly guild.  We were formed in order to make communication amoung guild members easier, and especially to make grouping easier in order to enjoy the social aspects of playing World of Warcraft.  If you are looking for an elite guild that is seeking fame and fortune, please look elsewhere.  We're here to be social.

The guild is currently setup in a hierarchy as follows:  Steward, Captain, Crony, Friend, Acquaintance.  The leader of the guild is know as the "Steward", and is responsible for all aspects of running the guild.  In cases where the Steward will be unavailable for a time, one or more "Captains" may be appointed to conduct guild business while the Steward is unavailable.  Members that have become familiar with membership requirements and have agreed to help with the administration of adding new members are given a status of "Crony".  Trusted members of the guild are given a status of "Friend", while new members are given a status of "Acquaintance".  Being promoted from Acquaintance to Friend requires a nomination and a second from two members within the guild (some additional rules apply - see below).

The guild hierarchy is intentionally very flat at this point in time.  Special abilities and "officer rights" are not given out to anyone below Captain rank.  This is done in support of the social and friendly nature of the guild itself.  The ranks are used to let members know the relative length of time and/or service a particular member has contributed to the guild, but those ranks do not confer or imply rights, special priveleges, or a reporting structure.  Keeping the structure of the guild flat is intended to lessen any political movements or pressures within the guild itself, as we believe that politics within a guild are often tied to struggles of power, privilege, or prestige.  The guild is also currently small, so the need for a large supportive hierarchy to run guild business is simply not necessary at this time.

The guild maintains a website with a roster, a forum, and a calendar at www.bluntededge.com .  Members are encouraged to use the available resources on the website.  If you have any trouble using the features, send in-game Mail to the Steward.

Rules of Conduct

  1. We are family friendly.  Please avoid excessive harsh language or strong adult themes in guild chat.  There are children listening.
  2. Ask not what your guild can do for you.  We're aren't a power hungry guild, so don't expect us to power level new members, or to twink your character with lots of guild loot.  While generosity to new members will likely occur, expecting or demanding such treatment will likely result in your banishment from the guild.  Do not nag other members of the guild to help you.  Asking for help is encouraged, but if the answer is no, then please drop the subject.
  3. Try to work out any conflicts yourself through private chat.  Do not use the guild channel for having a fight (or heated disagreement) with someone else in the guild.  Do not expect the Steward to take action against another member of the guild unless you have confronted the offending member first.
  4. New members.  Anyone of friend status within the guild may ask the Steward or a Crony to invite someone into the guild.  If the Steward is not online, please talk to a Crony or send an in-game mail to the steward along with the name of the person to invite.  New members will be given a status of "Acquaintance", and the person inviting them is known as their "sponsor".
  5. Promotion from Acquaintance to Friend.  Once an acquaintance receives approval from two friends within the guild, the acquaintance will be promoted to "friend" status.  Nominations for friend status should be sent via guild chat, private tells to the steward, or via in game Mail to the steward.  An Acquaintance's sponsor is not eligible to count as one of the two friends nominating the acquaintance to friend status.
  6. New member criteria.  Before inviting a new member to the guild, it is important to spend some time playing and grouping with the potential new member.  We do not "spam invite" by simply issuing an invite command to somebody that happens to be standing around.  Every "friend" of the guild has the right to sponsor a new member, but only those of "Crony" or higher rank can actually issue the command to add a new member.  The purpose of controlling the actual invitation process is twofold: (a) To ensure enforcement of the membership criteria specified in this rule, and (b) to ensure consistent recordkeeping.  As such, Cronies are expected to list the sponsor of each new member in that new member's officer note (a private note that can only been seen by the Steward, Captains, or Cronies), and to send an in-game mail to the Steward about the new member and his/her sponsor. The Steward will update the public note of a new member to show their sponsor, and will also update the public note of friends to list their professions (to aid in other members wanting to chain together professions to create powerful items).  Note that only the Steward is allowed to promote an Aquaintance to a Friend.